April 27, 2009

Hello there world, I have decided to be a good boy and update my website.

The subject of this update is mainly a little night called Eclectro. I’ve been helping to run it for the past few months and it is going real well. The next night is on the 1st May at Public Life, which used to be a public convenience. Anyway, head over to the website to get more info an ting.

Other than that, you might want to check this website¬†for hints on what I’ve been up to recently…


New Year, Neu Remix Action, Gig on the 16th

January 9, 2009



Happy New Year to you all, I enjoyed myself DJing at 333 on the night, thanks to everyone who came down!

Here’s a new remix i finished recently, it’s been featured on Discobelle already so i thought it was time i put it up here…

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Poj Masta Womp mix)

In other news, i have a gig next week on the 16th January at London Sunshine, the facebook event is here.  Should be jokes.

Although I’m not much of a resolutions man, I plan on being better with making stuff and posting here this year, so hopefully there will be more hot shizzle here soon.

Big Love

Now for Something Original: On Fire

June 5, 2008

Hello dere,

I am currently meant to be working hard for some uni exams, but as is usually the case i have been distracted by music…

Poj Masta – On Fire

This started off as a revisit of an old remix i did ages ago but turned out to have none of that track left in it by the end (if you can work out what the track was and what the sample is i will be impressed!)


Oi Oi!

April 19, 2008

Hello there, its poj, its a new website (in a trendy web 2.0 blog style) and a bit of new music to download! Well, its not that new, but it hasn’t been online so there…

Poj Masta – Smurf Wanted

Loads of people who’ve heard me DJing have asked for this, so here it is. Was part of a long mix i was working on a while ago, but that is now gone due to a computer disaster.

News about me is that i am making music again, spurred on by the fact I am now involved in a very big and exciting computer game project. But its all hush hush so i can’t tell you anymore for now I’m afraid! More tunes soon.

stay fresh x